Today marks exactly 49 years to the day, our country and the whole world was anticipating an epic event to occur. As a young, 10-year-old boy, I waited with excitement and nervousness to witness this incredible feat of technology in real time.

Just nine years earlier this goal was only a vision, an actual challenge by then President Kennedy, to encourage a group of individuals to accomplish something that had never been done before.

That event was the Apollo 11 landing and man’s first steps on the moon!!

That day I imagined that I too would walk on the moon! I was so moved and inspired it wasn’t enough for me to merely spectate, I wanted to participate! I was 10 so, cut me some slack! I didn’t realize just what I was aspiring to do, but hey, give me some credit because at least that day marked the start of me beginning to set my sights high on DOING something great and not just WATCHING someone else do extraordinary things in life.

Often, we watch others do extraordinary things and are excited for them, but then tell ourselves we can’t do that.  We continue to be spectators in life.

So, who are you to start your own business?  Pick up a new hobby? Move to the mountains or beach? Or sell everything and travel the country in an RV? (Like we did). You are exactly the right person! If you can think or imagine it, then it’s possible! Don’t make excuses, create reasons to start playing out the ultimate life you desire!!

Did you know, by choosing to become a participant you will inspire others?

Here’s a quick check to see if you’re a Participant or a Spectator. How much has your life changed in the past few years? Other than a vacation or a business trip out of town is your routine pretty much the same?  Well, you’re sitting on the bench.

About 15 months ago Robin and I decided to get in the game and play life full out. On December 26, over a cup with a friend, we decided to liquidate everything and buy a Motorhome to travel full time.  Big Problem…we had never been camping or even driven a RV.  We had no idea what we were getting into.  However, our desires were bigger than our unknowns!   Simply put, we wanted to see the beauty of the USA, create amazing experiences, adventures and make awesome new friends.  By March 15, (less than 90 days later) we were living our dream.  We even picked up a new sport in the process, Pickleball. (Pickleball deserves a post all by itself…more of that to come)

Now, I’m not suggesting you do what we did, but there is something inside of you that you are yearning to do. You think about it or even talk about it from time to time.  What is it?

Every day is game day, what is one thing you can do today to move you closer to your passion?  Each day the game clock starts.  We all have the same 24 hours.  Someone needs you to go first.  Decide now to get in the game!