It’s been a popular theme on a lot of talk shows.  People who are in the midst of a personal crisis pointing the finger or blaming someone else for the reason they are in their current situation.  One of the most popular targets these days, you guessed it, “my childhood”!

Why is it that we feel the need to shift responsibility for our own shortcomings and challenges?  There are a lot of obvious reasons, but one of them is possibly the fact that it’s too painful to realize. In a lot of situations, our own personal actions and behaviors have brought us our misfortunes.

Today, you can create a new reality for yourself!  Not only will this be the most empowering gift you could ever give yourself, but it is truly the key that unlocks all possibilities.  One of my favorite authors is Jack Canfield.  I read an article not too long ago by Jack and he has some ideas on how to take control of your life.

Here are Jack’s suggestions to make this happen:

  1. Believe, Believe, Believe! Have unwavering faith in yourself.  Decide to accept the fact that you create all of your experiences.  You will experience successes thanks to you, and you will experience pain, struggle, and strife thanks to you.  Sounds a little strange, but accepting this level of responsibility is uniquely empowering.  It means you can do, change, and be anything.  Stumbling blocks become little hills to hop over.
  2. Take 100% responsibility. Successful people take full responsibility for the thoughts they think, the images they visualize, and the actions they take.  They don’t waste their time and energy blaming and complaining.  They evaluate their experiences and decided they need to change them or not.  They face the uncomfortable and take risks in order to create the life they want to live.
  3. Stop complaining. Look at what you’re complaining about.  I’m fat.  I’m tired.  I can’t get out of debt.  I won’t ever get a better job.  I can’t stand the relationship I have with my sister.  I’ll never find a soul mate in life.  Really examine your complaints.  More than likely you can do something about them.  They’re not about other people, other things, or other events.  They are about YOU!
  4. Make an immediate change. Are you unhappy about something that is happening right now?  Make requests that will make it more desirable to you, or take the steps to change it yourself.  Making a change might be uncomfortable for you.  It might mean you have to put in more time, money, and effort.  It might mean that someone gets upset about it, or makes you feel bad about your decision.  It might be difficult to change or leave the situation, but staying put is your choice so why continue to complain?

You can either do something about it or not.  It is your choice and you have the responsibility for your choices.

  1. Pay attention. Looking to others for help and guidance is helpful but don’t forget to stay tuned in to yourself-your behavior, attitude, and life experiences.  Identify what’s working and what isn’t.  If you need to, write it all down.  Then…
  2. Face the truth and take action for the long-term. You have to be willing to change your behavior if you want a different outcome. You must be willing to take the risks necessary to get what you want.  If you’ve already taken an initial step in the right direction now’s the time to plan additional steps to keep moving you forward, faster.

Isn’t it a great relief to know that you can make your life what you wanted to be?  Isn’t it wonderful that your successes do not depend on someone else?

Start TODAY by determining that nothing can hold you back…Not even YOURSELF!!