When I was in high school you had to pass by the drama department in order to get to the choir room. On my way to choir rehearsal every day I was fascinated by the things I saw going on in “that” section of the hallway.  There was always something happening in the drama classroom! We humans are emotional creatures. Some of us act out in structured settings like plays and musicals and other people just act out wherever they happen to be!

Here are 3 ways I’ve found to create positive emotional energy:

  1. Be the change you want to see in the world.

This may sound simple but I have found that the number one way to have less drama and negativity in my life is to stop being dramatic and negative myself! When I realized that I was not the center of the universe (profound) I stopped feeling as if things always had to go my way. Wanting to always have it my way was the source of continual heartache. So, I try not to think that way anymore.

  1. You will become like the people you hang around.

Parents are particular about who their kids want to hang out with. In some cases, you can say that some parents are fanatical in this area and they need to be! One time our daughter was having a friend sleep over at our house. When the doorbell rang, I was surprised to not only see the girl there on our doorstep but BOTH of her parents standing there with her. They wanted to make sure that their daughter was going to be in the company of acceptable people. We should be just as choosy about the people that we spend time with.

  1. You don’t have to plant weeds, they grow on their own! (go look at your neighbor’s yard- I’m sure your yard is terrific!)

We’ve got to be intentional about what we’re planting into the soil of our minds by what we’re reading and exposing ourselves to.

Here’s the guide to use when deciding if this is something I should watch or read: If it is…

Uplifting, positive, hope inspiring, inspirational: YES!!

Depressing, demoralizing, fear inducing, scarcity minded: NO!!

Now wasn’t that easy? One of the reasons we chose the name, Great Day by Design was because we truly believe that all we must do is to simply focus and create one great day at a time in order to create a remarkable life. In my opinion, drama serves us best when left on the stage! These are the days of our lives and I know none of us want to waste any of them!